Web Spider is another dimension that no Bin Weevils know of. It is where spiders like Octeelia come from. She came to the Bin Weevil dimension secretly. No spiders are permitted to cross the dimension, but some have dared and succeeded in doing so. Each spider possesses a web they live in, and they eat bees for breakfast and flies for supper.

Each spider has their own special power. For instance, Octeelia had the power to disguise herself as a cute weevil and cast spells on weevils' minds, so they would believe she is innocent. However, she couldn't bewitch Sum, as her suspicions were too strong, and Octeelia cannot enchant weevils who have strong suspicions about her.

Female spiders are more common than male spiders. Web Spider's inhabitants are usually malicious, mischevious or possess other bad qualities, but some spiders have been born pure of heart, meaning they are good spiders. Good spiders are more likely to depart the dimension, as they feel different from other spiders.

If spiders are discovered pure of heart, they are coaxed into departing Web Spider and entering the Bin Weevil dimension. Good spiders entering the Bin Weevil dimension have befriended Gam, believing he is a good weevil who would assist them with survivial. Gam reports to Octeelia about new arrivals of good spiders into the Bin Weevil dimension. Octeelia then casts the good spiders into becoming evil, because she believes all spiders should be evil.